Sep 16
Watched this last night…was dope

Watched this last night…was dope

Sep 16

Sep 10

Sep 10

Sep 09
Poetry Mixtape #8

Now you’ve done it—

kicked a chair at the ex, 
lost the keys, burned 
the sweater, broke 
the glass, the dirty dishes 
stack higher. No returned 
phone calls, messages, door 
never buzzed, only happy
when it buzzes and buzzes.

If you won the lottery, things 
would change. Things 
would be different. You’d stop
biting your nails. You’d bite
just one. Maybe. Eliminate 
crow’s feet. Scrub the dirt
out of pores. Clean. If 
you won, you’d
flee the neighborhood

for another. Begin
the next procession, 
the next trial. You’d walk
it until you cycle back, until 
you didn’t fuck up. Until 
the next man you loved
stays. If you won

the lottery, everything 
would be different. Nothing 
would change.
The door bell would ring
as it does, you’d answer 
the door to what? Make 
it up. Make it scary.

—Stephen Zerance


Sep 07

Roxy Music - Avalon

261 plays

Aug 29


"The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception” Max Heindel (1909)

Rabbit’s Moon - Kenneth Anger

Aug 27

The full Hounds of Love album by Kate Bush in honor of her returning to the stage last night at the Hammersmith Apollo!